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There is a form of public transport that operates on a schedule from Jamestown to the country areas. Taxi’s are simple and easy, you can call a taxi almost anytime of day. If you are in Jamestown you can always find a taxi. You also book taxis for airport transfers. Car rental is also available from many local firms. For visitors all you need to produce is your driving licence and some form of photo ID. Most rental cars are fitted with a manual gearbox.

Mains Power.

Mains power on St Helena is very reliable and is supplied by Connect St Helena; all homes are fitted with 240-volt British standard power plugs so if you are bringing appliances make sure you have the correct adaptors for your visit.


The local currency on Island is the St Helena Pound which is the same value as the British Pound. Shops and stores and local businesses on St Helena accept St Helena and British pounds however some will accept US dollars and some selected business will take certain debit cards but it might attract a handling charge for the transaction. The Saint Helena Bank will also change currencies for visitors. The St Helena bank is located in Jamestown Market place . St Helena do not have any ATMS/cash machines.

Medical services.

The Island has a fairly modern hospital and can cover most area’s of care including surgery. there is also a pharmacy that is operated by the government and it can be found next the Hospital in upper Jamestown.

News and Media.

St Helena has the choice of two radio stations that both broadcast locally on FM and also live streaming on the Internet. Saint FM Community radio is the oldest island radio station, whereas the South Atlantic media services (SAMS) is still a fairly new organisation. The Island has two news paper publications which is the St Helena independent and also the Sentinel which is printed every week and distributed around the Island

Driving on St Helena.

On St Helena we drive on the left hand side. as the same as the UK, There is a lots of road curtsey amongst locals on St Helena roads, normally the  driver who is driving down hill gives a way for the up-coming traffic. Road signs are shown in miles per hour. The maximum speed limit is 30mph and strict drink driving laws apply. To rent or hire a car on St Helena you  can find car hire companies here 


St Helena’s communications is connected to the outside world via Satellite, so data cost to the Island is higher than most. Residential homes are fitted with British standard telephone systems with international direct dialling. Internet is supplied by SURE South Atlantic the only supplier of internet and mobiles phones are also offered to the consumer by SURE SA.


Most shops open from nine to five Monday to Saturday with the exception of Wednesdays when they open until 1 PM. Most shops in Jamestown closes at 1 PM on a Saturday but opens on a Saturday evening. Some country outlets remain open on a Wednesday and Saturday but tend to close at 17.00. it is important to note bread is available for sale in most supermarkets but it is recommended that you place a standing order for bread at the super markets. There is no fresh milk available on Island but you can purchase long life imported milk.

Travel insurance.

Travel insurance is required  for all visitors to St Helena, Insurance must be valid on  departure to St Helena. All visitors to the Island will have to show proof of travel and medical insurance by St Helena immigration on arrival

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